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Technology Advisors

for executives, managers and high performance teams

Some of the companies our team has worked with

Rethinking Consulting

from CTOs and digital executives 

We combine the holistic perspective of top management with technical and implementation expertise. People who work for makematiq have led companies and distinguished themselves with outstanding technological solutions. As the strategic arm of the makematiq group, we support transformation projects and

Corporate change with the goal of leveraging technological potential and transforming it into sustainable value creation. We offer our clients proven methodologies rather than theoretical concepts and peer-to-peer top management sparring.

About Us

Technology is strategy

In a world where technology is transforming not only the marketplace but also society, "Technology is Strategy" is not only our motto but also our fundamental founding hypothesis. Our core team consists of experienced board members and entrepreneurs whose expertise is rooted in the deep waters of mathematics, physics and computer science.

This combination enables us to identify technological challenges and turn them into strategic advantages. We see technology as a driver of growth and competitiveness, not just a tool. In this way, we create sustainable value beyond the current technology cycle.


Daniel Maaß

Daniel Maass

Associate Partner

Computer scientist and expert in user-centered product development, entrepreneur and former product director of v10k.

Pierre Joos

Pierre Joos

Associate Partner

Mathematician, expert in data analytics and risk management, former Chief Risk Officer of Allianz Germany

André Engelhorn

André Engelhorn

Associate Partner

Computer scientist, systemic coach and entrepreneur. Expert in Infrastructure as Code (IaC), DevOps and cloud technologies.

Michael Wilke

Michael Wilke

Managing Partner & CTO

Computer scientist, pioneer of digital transformation in the financial sector, CTO and serial founder.

Dr. Jan Thomsen

Dr. Jan Thomsen

AI Strategist

Ph.D. in particle physics, expert in artificial intelligence, and managing partner of Simcog Technologies.

Johannes Humbert

Johann Humbert

Managing Partner & CEO

Insurance salesman and Scrum Master, insurance digitalization expert and AI-entrepreneur



Revolutionize your business: Move from PowerPoint bingo to effective, actionable concepts.

Digitization redefined: Real Transformation, Measurable Success, No Buzzword Ballast.

By CTOs for CTOs: Pragmatic Strategy Tools for Digital Transformation.


The foundation and key levers for digital success: Data management, machine learning, and generative AI.

Efficiency and innovation: advanced cloud solutions and architecture management for responsive IT strategies.

Agile development, cloud integration, and digital twins for precise automation and data-driven decisions.

Evolving today's IT to ensure sustainability, efficiency, and innovation.

Our Topics

Leading and managing technology projects

Streamline and automate processes with and without AI

Digitize and future-proof your business models

Implement new systems and modernize existing solutions

Design, development, and implementation of technology strategies

Empowering managers and teams and making them fit for the AI age

Design, manage, and execute migration projects and system implementations

Software development from concept to operational support

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