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"The true power of digitization lies in making complex technologies accessible and usable by all employees."

André Engelhorn

André Engelhorn

Associate Partner

André Engelhorn, Associate Partner at makematiq, specializes in managing complex digital transformation and innovation projects. André holds a degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Dresden and combines in-depth expertise in Infrastructure as Code (IaC), DevOps and cloud technologies with skills as a systemic coach and proven expert in innovation management. As former Head of Innovation at T-Systems MMS, board member of SQL Projekt AG and Head of Cloud, Automation & Transformation at iSAX GmbH as well as founder of the start-up company Vertragswerk (v10k GmbH), he combines profound experience in orchestrating and implementing cloud automation and transformation programs with pragmatic management expertise. His work focuses on the seamless integration of technology into business strategies, with his pragmatic implementation expertise playing a key role in shaping the digital landscape for organizations of all sizes. "Cloud automation is not just about simplifying processes, it is about freeing up organizations to focus on their core competencies," he emphasizes. André's ability to bridge the gap between technology, strategy and implementation makes him a valuable partner to any organization that recognizes technology as an accelerator of growth and efficiency.

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