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"Success in digital transformation means anticipating user needs and responding with technological excellence."

Daniel Maaß

Daniel Maaß

Associate Partner

Daniel Maaß, Associate Partner at makematiq, bridges the gap between deep technical knowledge and a strong understanding of user experience and product strategy. He holds a Master's degree in Information Technology from the Technical University of Cottbus-Senftenberg and has expertise in modern web technologies and machine learning. This technical foundation, combined with his experience as Product Manager and Managing Director of v10k GmbH and his hands-on experience as Senior Software Engineer at T-Systems and, make him the ideal consultant for companies in the midst of digital transformation. Daniel's ability to design and technically evaluate user-centric applications makes him a sought-after advisor on strategic IT and project initiatives. A visionary thinker, Daniel understands how to translate the latest technologies into effective product strategies that both improve the user experience and increase business value. "Technology is more than code, it is the language in which we articulate and meet the needs of our users," he says. His commitment to digital transformation and innovation is complemented by a clear view of how technology can be used strategically to optimize both the operational and financial performance of organizations. Daniels is a valuable partner for companies that want to create scalable products with and for their customers that are technically excellent and clearly focused on the needs of users.

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