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"Artificial intelligence is a catalyst for change across all industries. Only those who are able to capitalize on this opportunity for growth and innovation will be successful."

Dr. Jan Thomsen

Dr. Jan Thomsen

AI Strategist


Dr. Jan Thomse, Associate Partner at makematiq, is an AI pioneer and entrepreneur from the very beginning. At makematiq, he advises companies on how to make AI an integral part of their value chain. With his deep expertise in digital transformation with a focus on operationalizing artificial intelligence, he drives tailor-made solutions in key industries such as pharmaceuticals, logistics and energy management. His more than ten years of management experience as a shareholder and managing director of simcog technologies GmbH, coupled with his scientific background as a PhD in elementary particle physics, position Jan as an outstanding expert in advanced AI applications and pragmatic management expertise. "By using AI as a tool for process automation and data analysis, we can not only increase efficiency, but also open up new business opportunities," he emphasizes. Jan's approach is characterized by a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that the digital age presents to businesses, and his ability to turn disruptive technologies into value-added solutions. A key part of his approach is to orchestrate AI-based innovation across departments by bringing together interdisciplinary teams and ensuring a harmonious integration of technology, business needs and corporate strategy. This combination of technical, operational and AI expertise makes Jan a valuable advisor to anyone looking to lead in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

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