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"Digitalization is not an isolated event, but a multitude of transformative processes that must be methodically supported, individually designed and implemented in every company."

Johannes Humbert

Johannes Humbert

Manging Partner & CEO

Focus Areas

Johannes Humbert, Managing Partner and co-founder of makematiq, is an experienced digital entrepreneur and has played a key role in shaping some of the most successful start-ups and fintechs in Germany. Before joining makematiq, he was Managing Director of, developing innovative AI solutions for the insurance, pharmaceutical and science industries, and Global Project Lead Transformation at the wefox Group, responsible for the development organization around the global new business. The practical expertise gained at the interface of technology, strategy and organizational development, especially in regulated companies, enables Johannes today not only to design transformative strategies and projects, but also to pragmatically support their implementation. Digitalization, automation and innovation are key topics for Johannes when it comes to making companies fit for the future. "Tomorrow's success requires continuous strategic planning and an uncompromising focus on operational excellence," says Johannes. He believes that actively shaping the digital transformation and committing to ethically responsible technology development are key to sustainable economic and social progress. Johannes is particularly passionate about fostering innovation. Through his many years of work in the startup ecosystem and his ongoing commitment as a mentor and advisor, he provides valuable insights and fosters networks.

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