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"Technology is not an end in itself, but one of the most effective means to quickly and sustainably improve the productivity and quality of our work".

Michael Wilke

Michael Wilke

Managing Partner & CTO

Focus Areas

Michael Wilke, co-founder and CTO of makematiq, is at the forefront of innovation in the financial services industry. With his visionary focus on the digitalization of banking processes and the development of future-oriented products, Michael creates indispensable added value for companies that want to increase their efficiency and actively shape technological change. His pragmatic approach to IT consulting, coupled with deep technical expertise and experience in leading DevOps, testing and AI teams, make him an indispensable partner for organizations looking to optimize their digitalization and automation processes. Michael develops his clients' technology vision and ensures that cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning, Kubernetes, and Edge Computing can reach their full potential in practice. As an experienced enterprise architect, he provides clients with deep expertise in how technology can be leveraged to improve both operational and financial performance. In addition to his work at makematiq, Michael is an entrepreneur in the field of trade finance with the companies and Liquitory GmbH. Previously, as Senior Vice President Information Technology and CTO at TrustBills, he was instrumental in developing innovative IT solutions for corporate finance. His career has been marked by a deep passion for the digitalization of financial services, trade finance, payment systems and business process automation. "The key to success in the digital future is the ability to translate complex challenges into clear, actionable solutions," says Michael. He firmly believes that actively shaping digital transformation and committing to ethically responsible technology development is essential to sustainably empowering both business and society. Michael's work at makematiq and his entrepreneurial involvement in the technology and finance sectors demonstrate his unwavering commitment to innovation and standard-setting.

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