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"To succeed in the digital age, you need more than technology; you need a vision that brings data, people, and processes together in harmony."

Pierre Joos

Pierre Joos

Associate Partner

Focus Areas

Pierre Joos, Associate Partner at makematiq, is a proven expert at the intersection of business and advanced analytics. He combines a successful career of more than 20 years in risk management with a specialization in artificial intelligence and behavioral economics. As former Chief Risk Officer at Allianz Germany and Executive Consultant at Oliver Wyman, Pierre has world-class expertise in risk management, risk modeling and asset liability management. As a manager, he has successfully led major projects and built new businesses. These practical skills are perfectly complemented by his mathematical training at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and his own research in machine learning and behavioral economics. Pierre's particular expertise in the design and implementation of analytical solutions, as well as his deep understanding of processes and his specific knowledge of the insurance sector, enable him to optimally integrate and involve stakeholders and employees across all competence and hierarchy levels. "Analytical models need to address people's problems and help them do their jobs. It's less about what's technically feasible and more about what makes sense in terms of processes," he emphasizes. His commitment to data-driven decision making and business process optimization through the use of advanced analytics and machine learning is setting new standards in the insurance industry. Pierre is a valuable partner for companies seeking deep insights and innovative solutions for decision making and risk management, and who want to optimize their value creation through artificial intelligence.

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